Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Treats

I am so in love with my kids I swear! I would still be asleep in this crazy world if it wasn't for them! We went trick or treating this weekend like most parents did I would imagine. What a flash back for us all isn't it?

This Halloween offered me so many lessons....where to begin.....

It was so iupsetting for my little Ava (who has a nut allergy) to not get as much candy as all the other kids. It seemed like everyone was passing out candy with nuts this year! I was so sad for her I wanted to run out and buy her a bag of licorice! Knowing full well that I would have her give most of it away this week anyway. (We send our candy to with the help of

Anyway - after our evening of trick-or-treating - "no nuts please" - we woke up to seeing our lovely carved pumpkins smashed out in the street. I was devastated. My first instinct - to hurry and clean them up before the kids woke up. Why? To protect them of course. :)

And then this morning - getting ready for school. Trying to explain to them why they don't need 3 pieces of candy a day and how nice it would be to send some of their candy to our troops overseas. Not all of their candy - just some.

So I'm not sure if I am doing it right - I am just trying to go with the flow. But one lesson I have learned this week is that disappointment plays a huge part in our lives. More specifically, how we handle disappointment is really what matters most.

I have finally realized after being a mom for only 7 years, that I can't shield them from everything. Not a nut allergy, a pumpkin bandit or war. The only thing I can do is lead by example - showing love, gratitude and compassion for all lving beings on this planet.

Funny how the little things offer us such amazing lessons eh?

Have a stellar day!

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Innerspace Yoga said...

dana, i found you on wordpress on the yoga teachers burnout site; i simply must follow you! motherhood really brings out the yogini in me as well! namaste, kelly