Thursday, November 19, 2009

Motherhood = Yoga

Motherhood certainly brings out the yogi in me! How conscious can one person be! I awoke this morning to two little angels sleeping in my bed. They must have fallen from the sky because I know I told my children that they were old enough to stay in their own bed.

Nevertheless I laid there for quite some time thinking, "They really should be in their own beds." And "I should get up and put them in their beds." And then wondering, why are they in here anyway? What's going on in their little minds and hearts that all of a sudden, they want to sleep with me. And I'm not talking about them laying in their own spots on my bed. No, they were both basically on top of me. And when I moved, even an inch, one of them would throw their arms around me and continue to snore; deep in sleep.

And then I realized that my only intention at that moment was to seize that moment. I heard the "shoulds" loud and clear and realized the only thing I was meant to do was love this moment. One day they won't come waddling in my room at 3:00am - instead they will be coming home at 3:00am. And they won't want to come and cuddle with me that's for sure.

The sound of their little "snoring" and methodical breath lulled me back to sleep.

I guess the point of the story is to again, and as always, be present. Notice when you hear the word should pop into your mind. That's not the voice of your heart - your heart never says should. It just says do.


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