Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Spiritual Warrior Retreat

There is power in numbers. Especially when you are talking about women who come together and collaborate on how to change the world. Our 1st Spiritual Warrior Retreat was an amazing success. It's really phenomenal what happens when we become still and are surrounded by amazing, courageous, connected women.

Starting off the weekend with stillness and silence was really a key factor in all of the amazing things that happened. Doing something simple like walking to the beach in silence changes the energy around you. Thoughts jump around your head - you notice them and notice yourself wanting to talk and then just sit with that thought. Doing that three or four times connects you to what is around you - for real. Not the illusion in your mind but the energy force that surrounds you without you having to do anything at all.

We discussed Ayurveda and how it plays such a huge role in our lifestyle and daily habits. We took the Passion Test (Fulfilling Your Souls Purpose) and had some incredible "aha" moments. We talked about the Chakras and how these systems in our body run programs for us every day that may or may not be working for us. All these things combined really changed perspectives for many of us.

I feel blessed to have been able to spend this kind of time with these women. Not only because each individual has such an apparent gift and I was able to share it with them. But also because each one of them coming together reminded me how fortunate we are right now to be alive. How truly powerful we are when we stop and breathe.

Most of these women didn't know anyone at the retreat but by the end, they were all planning a reunion. The force of our inner-connectedness can move mountains and I have no doubt that we will.

Thank you ladies for opening your life to all of us. I feel so very, very fortunate to know you, to be around you and to have been able to share such a magical weekend with each of you.

For those of you interested - there are photos posted on Facebook of our retreat. You can also get more information about upcoming retreat by signing up for our Weekly Om at

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