Monday, November 23, 2009

It always humbles me when people in the community come together for a greater cause. This past Sunday we had our First Annual Yoga Day at the Vancouver Yoga Center. All proceeds went to Evergreen4kids and what a fabulous time we had.

I had a friend from Estacada, Oregon come out and teach a class. Another friend from Ridgefield teach another class. All for what - to remind ourselves that we are One. That when we work together we really can make change!

The best time, by far, was the kids yoga class. WOW - what a hoot kids are! They just move, breathe and roar like lions without inhibition! In fact, one little 3 year old decided she was hot and took her pants off during class and finished yoga in her undies! It was a crack up!

I want to thank all the staff from Dentus for coming out to support our cause. You ALL are such an amazing bunch. If I am ever looking for a job, I will come knocking on your door!

And to Melonie at the Vancouver Yoga Center. Thank you for your graciousness by allowing us to use your space. It was perfect and so incredibly delightful.

To Brenda - what an inspiration you are to me. You passion and love for those kids just inspires me to alwasy be my best. And your presence with everyone you meet is something to emulate. Thank you for allowing me into your world.

You can see all of our photos on Facebook - I had to take photos of those kids! They are just incredible, natural yogis!

If you didn't get a chance to attend and you want to help Brenda and I with her school and her "kids" in the Dominican you can choose from one of the following:
Bring items such as large, chubby crayons, construction paper, educational color books in Spanish and copy paper to the Vancouver Yoga Center. Dana will get it to Brenda immediately! Or you could send a check, made out to Evergreen4kids, to 7102 NE 157th Avenue, Vancouver, WA 98682.
Thanks everyon for all that you are and all that you are becoming. Thank you for being a part of my world.


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