Friday, August 6, 2010


The words I search for now are words I have used before. However, to describe this experience with Off the Mat and Into the World really is challenging because the words ring more truth and speak to the depths of soul much more than I could have ever imagined.

Affirming is a word that comes to mind. Spirit awakening; truth excavating; illusion shattering are all phrases that have flown across my psyche this week. To say I have grown my community exponentially is an understatment. To recognize that I am an agent of global change is illuminating. To FEEL like I have met these people before, the people enrolled in this program alongside me, tells me that Divinity exists and that we are all a part of it - should we choose to get out of our own drama and self-loathing and wake up.

I have spoken these words for many years but never truly embodied them as I do now.

I could not have imagined what my path would be until now. I could not have recognized that my lovely mission was right here, under my nose from the very beginning.

Esalen has been the most amazing gift thus far in my life. To say I have found heaven on Earth would simply begin to encapsulate my experience here. Every fear I have ever had presented itself to me this week and I took each challenge on with vulnerable, child like grace; erradicating that fear and finally recognizing that it has never been who I am .... only a part that can no longer define me.

I am excited, my soul is inspired, my heart is clear and clean....Life is abundant.

Thank you for listening to these simple words spoken from my soul. I am ready to share to much with this world. I am grateful for the courage I found and the amazing friends who have encouraged me this past week. I see the light within my mentors and it shines ever so brightly within mySelf.