Friday, November 26, 2010

Universal Guidance

Whew....the Off the Mat, Confessions of a Yogini books series is done! All those Weekly Oms, all that late night writing and editing...done! Documented, in a series of 7 books. Amazing.

People ask me questions like, "How long did this take you?" "How did you know what to do?" "What are your books about?" And I seriously want to crack up. It is just so surreal and ..... crazy! Me, an author! Living my purpose!

Let me be clear, I know this is my purpose. I live my purpose when I write, I LOVE what I am doing but I can't help it: every time I answer a question about my books, it's like having an out of body experience. Really? I'm an author!? Really Universe? How did I get here?

Don't mistake this post as me being's just...'s a testimony to every single thing I have written about. It's a testimony to the power of yoga and all it's magic. It's a testimony to the law of attraction and the power of your thoughts. And it's a testimony to trusting the Universe and not asking how. And while I continue to breeze through this life, I still stop when things manifest ... exactly as I intended and I am in awe. In awe of how it really all just works...effortlessly.

I have to be honest and admit something: there is still tons of work to do with regard to this book seris and admittedly, I don't know what I'm doing! I have no idea how this series of books is going to magically appear on Amazon! And even more mind bending is how are my books going to get to the bookstores, how are they going to be accounted for, who is going to keep track of it all and how DOES it all work?

All these questions that run in the background of my mind could have been debilitating. It could have halted me in this process. But I am living this experience as I have lived every experience in my life. With intuitive guidance and universal trust. With an openess to all the gifts that life has to offer. With a willingness to walk blindly and courageously toward my purpose; knowing that everything will be alright!

Life is about living guys. Get out every minute. Go for what you love and stop and breathe it all in from time to time. Know what you want and just...DO IT!