Friday, July 30, 2010

Seems as if my blogs are always about my children....that's because they are my yoga practice....daily.....all day....every day during the summer. Sometimes we have a nice restorative practice together and other times it's a hot yoga practice day. With two girls who are mini-me' every sense of the word....I am reminded every second of every day about where I came from, where I am and where they could be headed.

It becomes quite a challenge to stay centered, without judgment or expectation, while just "being". And somedays it seems much easier to be asleep (unconscious) then awake (conscious)....somedays I wish that I would go back to my "before yoga" Self but I know that is not ever possible.

Once you wake up, you can never go back to sleep.

I starting beating myself up the other day for not "keeping up" with all my photos and memory boards of our escapdes over the years. I have a dining room table that will never be used for eating because it's covered in photos of our life from 3 years...yes I know...disgraceful. My mom would be disappointed I am sure.

But I started thinking about how to be in the moment. How can we be in the moment if we are forced to look at the past and put it in books, in order, labeled and out for everyone to see?

We can't. (And if you know how to do this, please, by all means, let me know! I am not opposed to be proven wrong here!) So I have decided to simply keep up with our life of (currently) lemonade stands, fairy house building, water balloon fights, dolls having breakfast with us and or course the almost daily time outs in our own rooms (yes me included!) I order photos as needed and keep them in some order while living life.

I can't pause life, I wouldn't want to. One day my house will be quiet, I will be bored, I will have more than enough time on my hands and I will have enough money to enjoy it fully. So for now I live life, breathe, notice and just be in this moment, right now.

Oh....I love yoga, meditation, my yogi friends and inspirational guidance ......

Have a goregous day everyone.....notice something incredible today...RIGHT NOW!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Steppin' On Toes

I spent the weekend at the beach with my husband and had many opportunities to just be. We were able to talk without being interrupted, take naps AND I didn't have to repeat myself one time!

While eating lunch one afternoon at a little outdoor cafe, I noticed a little boy crying. He was clearly having a hard time expressing himself. I know all too well, how many times these situations can really get out of hand. My heart went out to the little tike as well as the tired parents, trying to be patient in public.

And then I thought a little always. When we are little, we just say it like it is. We cry when we need something, we cry when we are frustrated, we kick and scream and fall on the floor for intense affect. We don't know how to hold in our feelings; we don't know how to "suck it up", we don't know how to "deal with it".

And while I agree these are important things to learn as a growing human being, I do have an issue with just how much we have been trained to hold in and "deal with".

Think about it...this is a learned behavior. To hold your true thoughts in; to stop crying; to hold back tears. What happens to all those held in feelings? I can tell you, they manifest as anger, fear, resentment, greed, despair, attachment and other debilitating feelings as an adult.

So how can we stop this cycle? Let them talk. Comfort them when they are having a tantrum. Ask them how they are feeling. Tell them it's ok to express themselves. Maybe it can be in private later, but it's still ok to say how you feel!

A great friend of mine told me once, "If you don't let your kids step on your toes as children, they will step on your heart as an adult."


If anyone has any comment or outlook on this, I would LOVE to hear it! Hope you all have a great day! I'm going to get my toes stepped on!