Friday, November 11, 2011

Honor Your Inner Soldier

As we celebrate and honor our Veterans today, we come together collectively with the same intention. Powerful thoughts of admiration, appreciation, love and respect resonate and vibrate across our nation. The power of coming together in prayer, meditation, and affirmation is extremely powerful and can make changes on a level we ourselves are not even aware of.

Gathering in groups is powerful, but the pure notion that across our nation, we are all thinking similar thoughts is amazing to me.

So then today, this November 11, 2011 I invite you to think even beyond our nation's definition of "Veteran's Day". I looked up the word veteran and it is defined as "One who has served in a war - most likely a soldier". Without disrespecting our veteran's in any way, aren't we all veteran's?

Ask yourself...what war have YOU been battling for years prior today? Are there inner struggles that you can honor with love, respect, forgiveness and compassion? Are there conflicts that you can surrender to today and wave your white flag this last time, so you can move forward in peace and joy?

What tightly wound contractions of spirit and inner turmoil can you unravel today so you can blossom into who you truly are? Beyond judgment, fear, guilt and shame. What solider like qualities can you relinquish so you can feel the energy of love and peace run through you like a wave of breath and inspiration?

Those feelings that feed your inner-soldier keep you bound but they need to be embraced and honored in order to fully release them. They are a part of who you are but they need not direct your life. How DO you want to lead your life? What feelings DO you want guiding you as you move through this world?

Today I invite you to let go, open your tightly wound bud and allow your faith in God and your own Divine Guidance lead you to the new you. The one that is full of purpose, service, love and joy. It is time... it is time to rise and shine to your most high Self.

Let today, 11.11.11 be that day.

In peace and powerful blessings.
Hari Om, Hari Om, Hari Om
Dana Layon-Damara

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