Monday, August 22, 2011

Please say YES....

Upon returning "home" from Wanderlust, I couldn't help but immediately realize the infusion of love, magic and intuitive guidance the trip to California offered me. Being away from my "real" life of kids, indecision, responsibility, divorce and my own internal struggles gave me the space that was much needed to manifest my new life.

The trip to Wanderlust that seemed "unnecessary" and "irresponsible" actually dumped me dead center on the path to my most purposeful life. In five short days, Wanderlust offered me the clarity I needed to take that leap forward. Had it not been for that time away, I may still be drowning in my own thoughts, choking on the limiting beliefs of my past life and hanging myself in indecision, fear and guilt of things not working out like I had planned.

This trip was a gift in many ways. It reminded me that we ARE powerful beings. And that we ARE creating the movie of our own life....full of EXACTLY what we want to show up on a daily, if not hourly basis.

It reminded me the importance of saying YES to life without always having to think through to every last detail. Lately I have been feeling like someone has been pinching me on a daily basis...reminding me that this is not a dream and that everything I needed to move forward, I already knew.

The minute I returned back home, I truly felt ushered into my new life...full of synchronicity, excitement, love, truth and passion. I felt alive ways I hadn't felt in over 15 years! It felt like God was in my pocket and whispering in my ear, telling me exactly which way to go. I needn't worry about a thing.

And guess what? I still feel that way. Since returning I have made many important decisions in my life that will steer me to my next road. These decisions affect not only my future but the future of my daughters. I could have stepped into this with fear and self-doubt. But after time alone I know, beyond all knowing that my decisions are based on love and divine knowledge.

So I ask you....what risks are you taking to move forward? On the flip side, what are you passing up to remain safe and secure in an illusion of what is real? Life is not always going to hand you the life you "dreamed" of exactly the way you envisioned it. However, it can be quite a gift if you are willing to say YES.

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