Thursday, July 28, 2011


After arriving in Tahoe yesterday, and witnessing countless numbers of yogis and yoginis practicing yoga, dancing, connecting and scurrying about, I was inspired beyond words. It was interesting to me that so many people, ourselves included, would travel such a great distance to practice yoga with well known yoga instructors, listen to great music and spend time amidst one of the most awe-inspiring places on Earth.

I realized though, during that first evening that I had no idea why I was here. I am all about intentions and motivations. Kind of like a "life mission statement" if you will. It creates purpose and direction with any decision we make.

It became clear to me during my first class with Giselle Mari, and then hit me like a ton of bricks during my class with Johnny Kest. I witnessed such personal growth, remembering how far I had come along my own yoga journey, when I took class with Shiva Rea, my very first yoga "teacher". It enveloped me under the Gaiam Tent, lying in Svasana with the warm breeze washing over my face. It landed in my lap while having lunch with an old friend in Squaw Village, sharing space with yogis, families and people with their faithful dogs. It tickled me while hanging out with some amazing girlfriends, laughing so hard my cheeks felt as if they would crack, tears rolling down my face. It really got me this morning when I woke up, a tiny bit sore but very focused and clear. (blue skies and high altitude helps....) aren't many places that you hear meditation, elevation, levitation, rejuvenation and inspiration all in one day...Wanderlust has been that place and it's only day one. If the definition of Wanderlust is "A very strong or irresistible desire to travel", then it's obvious why we yoginis and yogis come here every year.

The view...yes. The yoga...yes. The people and connection...yes. But more than that, the travel to the Self is completely irresistible. Eckhart Tolle said in A New Earth, "Human beings love traveling because everything is new. You are most conscious when you travel because it's like seeing everything around you for the first time". (something like that anyway)

Combine that with movement, meditation, breathing, happy, if not BLISSFUL people and you got yourself heaven on Earth.

What inspires you like that? Where do you FEEL your soul? When have been awakened and literally pushed onto your life path? When has your life become so clear you could almost taste it?

That's why we are here. Find your heaven on Earth and say YES to it...if only for a day.

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