Thursday, December 23, 2010

What Is Love

Ok so I KNOW I have not blogged in quite some time. Honestly it has not been a priority lately. Finishing the books, connecting with friends and family and giving myself some time has been much more important to be honest.

However, I was posed a question last night that really got me going. And when I woke up this morning I was inspired to toss it out to you. I was asked, "What is Love?"

Before you are quick to answer, sit with it for a moment. Take at least a moment and feel it. It's a big question.

Personally I use the word love loosely. I LOVE my family, I LOVE the holiday season, I LOVE yoga, I LOVE puppies. Maybe I do that because I'm a passionate person; maybe I don't understand the power of LOVE. Who knows.

But I am asking you, today, to answer this question by responding to this blog.

What Is Love?

Insight on this single topic can help so many people. Especially in times of despair, lonelieness or isolation. Love IS the cure-all but what is it?

Tell me your insight about love......respond here or on my Facebook page.

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Anonymous said...

Love is something that you cant live without.....something that you don't ALWAYS want choose to keep close or maybe not so close, depending on the situation. Passion and Love I think are difference passion to me involves a physical feeling and is more of a commitment.