Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Morning Meditation

Who has time for a morning meditation...really? Honestly...it's the best way to start of you day. Setting intentions, giving thanks before you step out of your bed, marveling at the stillness in the morning.

Some days I wake up and I have so much time; I sit and gaze at my now very green backyard and give thanks for everything. I ask questions of the heavens; I dig deep into the heart and heal old hurt; I visualize myself centered. And some days I just breathe.

Time goes by fast when we are still.

However today was different. Ava, my 5 year old, stumbled into my room before my meditation time. She crawled in next to me and molded her little body right up against mine and I literally melted. I fell into so much gratitude for that moment, I thought I might levitate.

And all this, written above, came to mind.

What was my morning meditation today? Giving thanks for having a healthy child; looking around my own bedroom and noticing the gifts bestowed upon my family; allowing my breath to synchronize with my daughter's breath; marveling at how soft her skin is and how at 5, she is still such a small person in a big world.

Give thanks today everyone. Take a moment, just a moment to really see what's around you.


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Heather said...

Nice! Those are precious moments that will fade away all too soon.