Thursday, May 20, 2010

When Isabella taught class yesterday, I couldn't believe my eyes and ears. I didn't have a camera which was sad at first but then I realized I had to totally tune in to what was happening and become completely present so I could burn this memory on my brain.

I was amazed first when her teacher asked her on the spot to teach the class and she accepted. I was even more amazed as I watched her create a class without a plan. Even more impressed when she directed and led the class when they started to get out of hand.

This whole experience reminded me just how much our kids pay attention to us. I didn't recognize it as first but she was speaking and acting just like me! Even her little facial expressions and the words she chose - it was like holding a mirror up to myself at 7 years old.

Or better yet - a slightly more confident and evolved version on myself at 7 years old.

I have to admit that I am not sure what prompted me to post this blog. Pride in my daughter or an awakening of how important our jobs are as parents. They really ARE watching us - every minute. (gulp) Thankfully, this time, Isabella displayed some of the better qualities I have shown her!

I was also deeply reminded that our kids choose us to be their parents. They choose us for a reason. THEY actually have something to teach US. I know - goes against everything most of us learned as kids. But it's true.

This little angel reminded me of all the good and wonderful gifts I offer as a mom when sometimes I beat myself up for being less than perfect.

She reminded me of a side of me that is there, all the time but sometimes gets lost in tasks and "stuff".

She reminded me of how important my job is and to stay on my toes and be the best I can be as often as I can be.

And she reminded me about the wonderful gift of unconditional love every child has to offer.

Parenting can be challenging and daunting but when moments like this happen, it really affords us the opportunity to appreciate the gift we have been given.

Thanks Isabella for choosing me to be your mommy.

I love you!

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