Thursday, June 24, 2010

Welcome to summer

Finally the sun has come out and I really feel like it's summer. What a change....from working all day while the kids are in school to being home all day, everyday with my "angels".

This year really is a little different. Their independence level is so drastic from ages 4 and 6 to 5 and 7. They don't need help outside, they want to ride their bike to the park ahead of me, thye make their own lunches and get what they need without me.

It's kinda sad really.

Then I received this email today:

One of life's great ironies, Dana , is that very often the "stuff" you're trying to avoid right now is the same "stuff" you're going to miss most once you move on.

Wow....hit me like a ton of bricks. Reminding myself of the times I have wanted time alone and will come, soon enough. In fact it's here already when I think about it. It's only going to get worse! I bet I will want that noise, that chaos, that challenge of keeping it all together amidst it all.

I say now, Bring it On! Bring on the noise, the challenge, the tough stuff...I'm ready.

What a delight it is to be a mommy....thank you girls.

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Debbie said...

This wonderful Dana! thanks for the reminder