Thursday, August 6, 2009

New to Blogging!

Welcome to Zen Yoga Off the Mat Blog!!

Thanks to my husband for creating this forum for me. I kept bugging him about it and then when he created it, I didn't know exactly what to do with it. Story of our life sometimes right? You get what you want and then think, now what do I do.

So I have been thinking about this space and contemplating on the mission of this blogspot. To relate every day experiences with our yoga practice. To find "enlightenment" through every day circumstances. That really opens it up!

My ideas are endless as most of you know who know me! But we are leaning toward book reviews, monthly poses, interviews with some really awesome authors I know and pictures of YOU, my yoga dudes and divas! In your most amazing pose! Fun stuff...where can YOU do Dancers Pose????

Tonight, I posted all of the articles I wrote for local magazines and publications. They are interesting and full of really cool information; especially if you are new to yoga or even thinking about trying it out. Read through them send them to people you know!

At this time, I am guessing that most of my blogs will be about something I learned being with my kids all day. That's where I'm at right now. After working 60 hours a week at the yoga studio and now thrust into part time yoga instructor, full time mom, believe me, my days are full of fabulous learning experiences.

They won't always be like that though so I invite you to read them even if you don't have kids. The lessons these little ones give us are amazing. Right back in your face is what I think all the time when I am with them. I teach them some lesson and within hours, they are recalling it - showing me how I disobeyed the lesson.

It's crazy! How do we do that as parents? We get on our soapbox of "all knowingness" and tell them how it IS and then we turn around and do exactly what we said not to do. No wonder our kids are confused. In fact, my older daughter told me that the other day she was confused because I told her how important it was to wear her glasses and she said, "I'm confused. You don't wear yours."


So - for this time around - let's just say welcome to my blogspot! Some days the writing will be deep and profound (you'll know I had time alone that day!) and other days it will be funny and lighthearted. Feel free to offer your thoughts and ideas too! I would be happy to post something you have on your mind too. My mind is nowhere near, all THAT! So write away! Just make sure it's moral, ethic and legal is all!

Have a peaceful day everyone! Check out our site at!

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Dana Layon said...

Thank you for having this blog dana!