Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Little Things in Life

I have to say that I have always thought that I had this higher purpose. That being a stay at home mom was just not enough for me. I have always needed more for some odd reason. Now, before you go gasping and getting all huffy let me explain.

Since I have been home this summer I have realized that I am no where near ready to stay home all day with these little people. I LOVE THEM WITH ALL MY HEART but I do believe they need more than me in their face all day.

But I have to say that nothing in all my years of corporate executive positions, traveling the globe, entrepreneurship and teaching yoga...nothing made me feel more like I was part of a Higher Purpose than this experience we had the other day.

My girls and I are sitting in the family room hanging out. I hear this huge rustling in the trees in our backyard. I look outside and see the branches from our tree just falling onto the lawn. I have no idea what is happening but I hear chirping so I head outside, mini-Me's following me in awe of course.

I get about a foot away from the fallen branches and see a mother squirrel grabbing it's fallen baby by the back and then watch her scurry behind the tree to a secret location of safety. I can't believe it! A baby squirrel has fallen from our tree! Then I notice the second baby, not so lucky, still under some branches, pulling itself out so it can be seen by someone who will hopefully save it. Now these baby's eyes aren't even open yet. I am in tears, immediately identifying with this mother squirrel. Oh my how sad she must be that her babies have fallen out of their nest. My girls are watching me intently and I am seriously overwhelmed with the feeling of true Oneness.

So I first grab one of our cats and tell my oldest daughter to put her in the garage. I then go into the house and call the vet. They tell me to nail a box to the tree, pick up the baby squirrel and put it in the box so the mother can come and get it. And I am thinking, really? I'm supposed to pick up this baby squirrel? Won't the mother eat it if is smells my scent on the baby?

Meanwhile, I notice my other cat running after the mother who has come for the other baby. I am yelling at my cat (yes yelling) to stop .... poor kitty. It's her natural instinct after all. So we get the other cat in the house and I find a box. My girls are awesome. They are chanting, "Go mommy. " And "Hip Hip Hooray for Mommy!" from the upstairs bedroom. They want to get that aerial view.

So I nail a box to the tree and I look down at this baby squirrel. Time seriously stops. We are One in that moment. I comfort the baby and pick it up. It's no bigger than my cell phone (NOT an iPhone, an old fashioned cell phone) and I can't believe how gorgeous it is. It is chirping as I pick it up - scared and hungry. I gently place it in the box and put a few branches in it. I can't believe this.

Within an hour the mother comes to rescue her baby and the girls and I have a Popsicle, celebrating the fact that we made a huge difference today in our own little backyard.

Nothing in corporate America can touch that. Not one thing.


M said...

Oh Dana what a great story! It made me all teary eyed. :) I know exactly what you mean about identifying with other mothers - for me that mother+child bond has been way stronger than I imagined.

I think about you all the time by the way! One of these days we'll meet up again. :)

Megan (one of your old prenatal students)

Dana Layon said...

I know - it still make me cry too! What a great day that was. Send me some great new mommy stories! Would love to hear from you! We are all natural born writers.