Sunday, April 4, 2010

Yes I Will..Day 6 in the DR

Funny how life works isn't it? Follow me on this one for just a moment. Jacque, the dentist heading up this dental mission, goes to India in December. She meets a man named Abe who is friendly and cute. They discuss her trip to the DR and as the heavens would have it, he knows a woman named Fabecka who live in Santo Domingo who heads up a school for women. Apparently this woman has several connections and more importantly, a heart for giving. So Jacque contacts her and she wants to come and see the school that Brenda built. I so marvel in this type of Oneness… thanks for sticking with the background.

So Fabecka Lebron comes to Habanero and wants to see what Brenda is doing. Brenda tries not to get her hopes up – no expectations – smart girl. Fabecka arrives with a driver in a black, BMW SUV. (no judgment please – just a fact) She comes to the school and we show her around. She is amazed, I can see it in her eyes.

On this same day, Brenda has asked us to present our program to all the teachers at the school. We want feedback on the presentation and ideas on what we can do differently and how we can have this program be replicated after we have left the village. Fabecka wants to see our presentation as well.

I am not sure why I am nervous but I am. The presentation goes beautifully. We give it to some of the same kids so we are offered the opportunity to “quiz” them and see how much they remember. I ask them “who has their handkerchiefs with them” – translated by David into Spanish – and about 50% of them show me their handkerchiefs! I am so happy! They all want a turn to show us how to wash their hands and brush their teeth. They are proud of themselves.

The teachers and Fabecka are impressed but more importantly, they give us ideas on how to have our program speak to the children even more. They give us songs the kids can sing while brushing and washing and they are want to incorporate this into a daily routine for the children. One teacher wants to bring in the parents so we can educate them. Fabecka thinks we should turn Brenda’s school into a community center offering classes in parenting, birth control, community clean up and environmental issues; the ideas are endless.

We always have to come back to where we are right now though. That thought shakes me back with these ideas not gone, just on hold…very exciting to realize that other people see our vision as well.

We show Fabecka the fence we want to build around Brenda’s school. Teaching the kids to honor their space, use the land and create sustainability is very important to Brenda. Fabecka tells us that someone she knows is into masonry work and that quite possibly, they could help with the supplies we need. Man I love life! All because Jacque had a moment of intrigue with a friend in India.

While we are showing Fabecka the village, Liz and Eileen are working hard on a life size poster that says “Yes I Will!” It’s based on the song written and performed by Michael Franti. We picked it because the words capture our mission in this moment.

Listen to the song here...

We want to talk loud and sing loud so other people hear us. The world is a big place but small, random acts of kindness can make a huge difference. Faith, hope and love really are the three keys to life! Seems simple enough right?

Today was our last day of “work”…tomorrow we head to the beach with the kids and then home. Now time has seemed to fly. Have we done enough? Now what?

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