Sunday, March 28, 2010

DR - Day 5

Time goes very slow here in Habanero. I have decided that it’s because there are no technological advances that create “efficiency”. Instead of looking at the clock, time is spent living in the moment. Interesting concept isn’t it?

As we approach the halfway mark to our trip, honestly, I am starting to feel tired. Physically, mentally and emotionally. It rained last night so the mosquitoes are out like mad. Our “water-trickle-showers” don’t always get all that DEET off and you have to put it on immediately when you get out of the shower otherwise the bugs swarm. We’re doing very well, eight of us, sharing one bathroom. Honestly, the things I miss most are simple…hot, blasting water from my shower, being able to run my toothbrush under the faucet, sleeping in my bed and my asana practice.

I am grateful and very aware that all of my yoga teaching and studying has prepared me well for this trip. I call upon many sutras and yoga principles as each day passes. In meditation we are taught to be still in uncomfortable times and be with that moment without judgment. Contemplate on why we are uncomfortable; knowing that this moment is impermanent and will change in an instant. We can react in that moment or we can sit and breathe in it, waiting patiently for it to pass. Feel compassion for the world and others who stumble into our own personal human experiment. Not grasping to what “could be” in this little village but instead, notice what is without expectation or a need to make it all better right now!

My awareness seems heightened with every passing day and I know that soon enough all my human needs will be met. For now, my soul needs nourishing and a small glimpse of what my mission is right now.

We head out to the village again with Brenda today and deliver more items to these families. The crowds get a little intimidating as they swarm to the car when we pull up. They even follow us down the road and sometimes hang on the bumper of the car as we leave. We arrive with a car full of items and leave empty. Every gift given out….some hands left empty. It’s a sad realization really to truly recognize the privileged life we lead. I know we all know it, but to actually live in this reality instead of just pass through it; to truly connect with the people and create relationships, is all together different. You want so badly to take all these children home with you; to provide them all the “necessities” you have and share in this abundant life that you lead. But that is not to be. Remember, they are happy…they don’t know any different.

We check in on the families from yesterday, the child Brenda took to the clinic and the starving family, and everyone seems better today.

When the day is done for the dental team we head back to Brenda’s. After dinner, at dusk, Brenda calls the children to her house and they set up about 20 white patio chairs on her back porch. She hooks up her computer to my Ipod speakers and puts in the Spanish version of “Starsky and Hutch”. The kids are thrilled! She also hands out a small bag of popcorn to each child. It’s so heart warming to see such unconditional love. What a gift for everyone.

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