Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year Detox!

It's that time....the beginning of a new year! Time for New Years Resolutions. How defeating "resolutions" can be! Instead - let's rephrase that to New Years Intentions. Sounds better doesn't it?

So here we go - the beginning of a New Year....what are some of your intentions? Is there a possibility that those intentions can continue on past March? Now that's always a challenge isn't it? I always hear people talk about dieting at the beginning of the New Year.

But instead of trying the newest fad diet - how about trying a cleanse? Pick a cleanse that resonates with you and do it! A cleanse has more substance than a diet - it's meant to cleanse the body and free it from stored up toxins.

My husband and I are doing a variation of the Fat Flush's an incredible liver cleanse. Tons of veggies, cranberry juice and water, one serving of protein, one serving of fruit. Get this:

no caffeine, no sugar, no dairy, no starch, no spices, no alchohol, no beans, no nuts....basically nothing but organically grown, from the ground, food.

For me it's much easier to look at challenges like this as a cleanse than a diet. I have no expectations except to clean out my liver...which most of us could probably use! So this New Year, try that instead...cleanse, purge and be free of as many toxins as you when summer and then the holidays roll around again you will feel GREAT!

To all of you dieting right now .... or cleansing ... share any info you have of any cleanses you have done would you? This one may not work for everyone and it would be great to see if what you have to offer does!

Wish me luck! Got through one day without cheating!

Peace and Happy New Year!

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