Friday, December 18, 2009

Man I LOVE the holidays! Especially when it involves time off work, snowed in days, warm fireplaces, holiday parties with friends, wrapping presents and baking cookies! The thing I remember most about the Christmas holiday when I was growing up was baking cookies...and LOTS of them. My grandmother used to make at least 20 different kinds of cookies and then give them all away to seriously, everyone in the neighborhood. Not only that, but all her Italian lady friends would do the same thing! Josephina and Lydia are the two I remember. And "L'il Francis", the lady who lived across the street from us, well she would do the same thing! Up until she died two years ago, she would send me the largest box of amazing, homemade Italian cookies for Christmas. I so cherished every last bite.

Times are different now. For some of us families are very spread out geographically. I know for me, coming from now divorced parents, my kids aren't offered the same amazing "tribal" upbringing as I was. With relatives around all the time, grandma babysitting and holiday cheer with tons of family members....It's not a bad thing, it's just different.

And what does this offer them and us as a family? An opportunity to make our own memories based on the lovely ones I had. So every year we break out the mini-lighted houses and adorn the fireplace with fake snow and a little city, we put lights up inside and outside the house and we bake cookies! Up until this year, I was basically doing the entire thing by myself. I would put the kids in their high chairs, or bouncy seats on the counter when they were really little and they would just watch me. Then recently they would "help" by tossing flour and sugar all over the place and eating the sprinkles for the sugar cookies. This year was different. We made 8 different kinds of cookies and the girls actually helped! We had so much fun!

It made me think of how quickly time flies. Don't wait to make memories. Think back to what was super fun for you at this time of the year and do it! Do it alone or with someone you love! But do it!

I would love to hear your story .... what did you love to do during the holidays? And how do you celebrate now?

Peace all!

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