Thursday, September 9, 2010

Summer's End

Wow....what the heck happened to summer? I mean really? The weather never really got "summer-like", the kids were busier than I can remember, and I feel like all I did was empty clothes from their suitcases, wash them and repack!

What happened?

Now it's uniforms and homework...ALREADY?

I promised to write a blog every week; I had a list of projects I wanted to do outside; I told Isabella I would teach her how to tell time finally (hey no judgments....I have an issue with time as it is!). what? Is there a way to press pause on the life button?

The only thing I can honestly say about this summer is that we were all very present. This was the first summer that I actually stopped to smell roses, looked at a grasshopper up close, played a silly made up game with my kids and chased the ice cream man down the street. There was nothing else going on besides whatever it was that they were doing.

So why am I so sad to see it end? Well, for the obvious reason like the change in the weather. I love the sunshine.....But beyond that I know that these two little angels will be very different kids next summer. And every moment, even the ones when I argued with those two, were priceless. They will never be the same kids and before I started living in the present, I don't think I really recognized that reality.

Summer will be very different next year and it's crazy to actually understand that. I keep asking myself "Did I take enough photos? Did I spend enough time individually with them? Did I teach them anything good?" So what did I learn and FINALLY in my life abide by?

Live in the NOW... not in the past, not in the future...but the NOW. That's all we have and man....the now is so dang cool.

I may NEVER get those scrapbooks done but livin' it is really where it's at!

Peace everyone!

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